Raven Gates on Being Turned Down by Nick Viall & Why She Was So Emotionless

Raven Gates may have accepted the invitation to Paradise but she has a few things to say about her ex Nick Viall and why she was emotionless after he dumped her on the finale of The Bachelor.

“The moment he told me that I wasn’t the one, I accepted it. And I think that’s one of the reasons why I was so emotionless is because I was processing what he was saying.

I was trying to accept what he was saying and I knew there was nothing I could say to change his mind and I felt I had left everything on the table so there’s nothing I could do differently … I think as soon as he told me I wasn’t the one I started the healing process right then and there. I accepted it, I didn’t question myself, I was confident in myself.”

She said she has no regrets and she has no doubt her feelings were real.

“I definitely felt as though I was in love with him and I really had no doubts or reservations about being engaged to him so I mean I was definitely one hundred percent in the relationship and felt that I was in love with him,” she tells PEOPLE.

So what did she do right after she went home?

“Going home, I just got back in the same routine that I usually am in — working very hard on my business, surrounding myself with family and friends and really just picked up the pieces as soon as I felt broken.”




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