Raven Gates Finally Reveals What Really Went Down in the Fantasy Suite With Nick Viall

Raven Gates isn’t holding back this time!

The Bachelor season 21 runner up dished about what really went on behind closed doors during her Fantasy Suite date with Nick Viall and the Final Rose day on The Morning Toast.

The Bachelor Nation saw her dancing on the streets of Finland and making snow angels after her Fantasy Suite date. Just before spending the night with Nick Viall, she told him that she’s only had sex with one person, her ex-boyfriend, and she’s never had an orgasm.

“When you and Nick had sex and they made you dance in the steets of Finland, how much did you want to kill everyone who made you do that?” Raven was asked on the podcast. “Okay, um, I thought it was hilarious, so like, no regrets, you know? I didn’t care.” she replied.

Raven also revealed that she had nothing to celebrate because they didn’t have sex.

“I will tell you this, I actually stopped Chris Harrison before I walked in [to the finale] because I was like ‘I cant do it, I cannot do it.'” Raven talks about the Final Rose day, admitting that she “really thought” Nick was going to propose to her. “He mentioned a ring before, and I told a producer, ‘if he sends someone over here for rings I cant do it.'”

The Bachelor puts you in such a bubble that you start to develop feelings because first of all, he’s the only mate you’re looking at for all that time. Then, like you know when your girls get together and you’re like ‘oh that guy’s cute,’ and then they think he’s really cute, then you’re like, ‘yeah hes actually really cute?’ So you go from thinking he’s not attractive to really cute? That’s how it was happening.”

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