Rachel Lindsay Responds to Claims She Was More in Love With Peter Kraus Than Bryan

She’s finally setting the record straight.

During an interview on Live with Kelly & Ryan, Rachel responded to a letter from a Bachelorette fan who wrote that Rachel settled for Bryan when she was in love with Peter.

“Rachel was clearly in love with Peter,” the note read. “Bryan was runner up. She chose him because he was willing to give her a ring…she should have chosen true love over a ring.”

“It’s so funny to me, I’ve never been one to settle or to be desperate for anything…that’s why I was 32 and still single. So like, when people say things like that, like Bryan was runner up, I’m like ‘no,’ I think you can clearly see that I have a lot of love for Bryan. I never would have just chosen a ring,” Rachel responded.

Peter reached out to Rachel after their breakup, but she had clearly moved on.

“That was a closed chapter for me. My focus was Bryan, I chose Bryan for a reason,” She tells Ryan. “Peter had his chance.”

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