Rachel Lindsay & Becca Kufrin Slam Madison Prewett For This Reason

The Bachelor Nation was split between Team Madison and Team Barbara after the dramatic season finale.

Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin are letting us know they’re definitely NOT team Madi.

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On their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, the former Bachelorettes discussed why Madison wasn’t there for the right reasons.

“What we couldn’t understand is, why are you here when you’re looking for a certain type of man who has certain values, certain standards? There’s nothing wrong with that — you should want what you want for yourself,” Rachel started.

“The confusing part comes from, you’re looking for him in a place where usually those type of men don’t dwell. As we understand, Peter is not that type of man for you, which is his parents’ and friends’ concern.”

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Trying to figure out the logical way of what could her possible motivation and reason be for being here, one of those is that she wants the experience, the platform, The Bachelorette, the followers, whatever.”

“I find it very coincidental that she’s hired a manager-PR person-agent to represent her. It makes me question her motives her entire time.” Rachel said.

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“There are certain timelines we have to adhere to as the lead, and getting representation at that point doesn’t add up. I don’t even have an agent still, and I was the Bachelorette two years ago,” Becca Kufrin added.

“I do things myself. Rachel is calling it like it is, and it’s a very strange scenario that we find ourselves in after the Bachelor world, but it doesn’t add up. It’s interesting to me given the timeline of everything. It doesn’t make sense.”

What does Rachel think of Barb on the live finale?

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“Her delivery was wrong, but her message was not wrong and Pete Sr. said it. They are privy to more information than we know,” Rachel told Extra.

“I’m privy to more information than the audience knows, and there’s some things that are unsettling to them when it comes to the relationship with Peter and Madison, and Barb couldn’t keep quiet about it, as we all saw.”

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