Peter Weber Reveals Why He Gave Hannah Ann The First Impression Rose

The Bachelor gave his first impression rose to Hannah Ann Sluss during the season premiere  on Monday.

Hannah Ann was the most talked about contestant on social media after she interrupted Peter Weber three different times during his conversations with other contestants.

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During the cocktail party, the Bachelor pulled Hannah away to give her the first rose. He also said the painting she did with her dad really touched him and the fact that she’s really close with her family also means a lot to him.

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Peter appeared on Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay’s podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, and revealed why she got the first impression rose.


 Bachelor Happy Hour

He said the interruptions were part of the reason he gave her the rose.

“That’s actually part of the reason. I love that! Hannah Ann was someone that…that girl knew exactly what she wanted coming into this, and never let me question that,” he tells Becca and Rachel.

“I literally mean that from the beginning. She was the first person to steal me away for the first conversation, she was the first kind of normal kiss—not from the first entrances—and we clicked immediately.”


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