OMG! Nick Viall to Jared Haibon – “Never Had Sex with Raven” Full Story

Raven Gates was very open about the fact that she never had an orgasm. The latest episode of The Bachelor pushed  it to make us believe that Nick and Raven had sex with each other in the fantasy suite.

Now Reality Steve has shared that a fan of the show overheard Nick and Jared Haibon talking about if he had sex with Raven or not. Here’s what she wrote to him:

“I live in LA and went to Joan’s on third with my friend to grab a bite to eat on March 1st. To my surprise I was sat down next to Nick Viall and Jared Haibon. I was surprised by what I heard from Nick.

I heard Jared ask Nick about the overnight date with Raven that aired last Monday. Nick said to Jared:

“I mean she’s a cool girl, it wasn’t as much as was brought on, never had sex.” (Scroll Down For Video)

Nick and Jared were pretty much done with their food and catching up. I know you and some of your readers may not believe this happened or what I heard but it happened and I did. I wish I recorded Nick like someone did when he was on the airplane flying back home after Andi’s season it just all happened so fast so I couldn’t and didn’t want to make it too obvious.

We did a little research of our own and found a video of Nick and Jared having lunch on the exact same day and the same restaurant mentioned by the source.

Here’s the video. If you stop at 4:13, you can see Nick saying the exact same words mentioned above.

Here’s another video of them from the same day.

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