Nick Viall Writes about His Break-up with Raven Gates

Nick Viall writes about why he dumped Raven Gates in his final blog for PEOPLE.

The final rose ceremony came and the sense that this journey was ending and a new, even better one could be starting finally set in. All I could do was finally tell these two women without holding back my truest feelings.

Saying goodbye to Raven hurt. Even if I had all the time and words in the world I don’t think I could communicate to her how unbelievably deserving she is of true love and how sorry I was that I couldn’t give that to her. In the moment she was so strong and understanding. I’ll never doubt how much she cared for me because of the kindness so showed me even at the end. I’m forever thankful to her.”

In an interview with GMA, Nick revealed why it was heartbreaking to let Raven go.

“It was terrible,” Nick told Good Morning America on Tuesday. “It sucked, to be honest. Raven’s great and as I said last night, I certainly empathize with Raven’s position. I’d been in that position twice. It was very heartbreaking and difficult and I felt terrible.”

“There was no good way to do it,” he continued. “I certainly appreciate how gracious she was.”

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