Nick Viall Talks about Awkward After The Final Rose and Why He Blacked Out During His Proposal

Nick Viall writes about the beautiful proposal and the cringe-worthy After The Final Rose appearance with Vanessa Grimaldi in his final blog for PEOPLE.

About his proposal, he wrote:

“Vanessa stood before me and I took her hand and finally let go of the apprehension and caution that I carried into the final week and just opened my mouth and let my heart talk. I think I blacked out during some parts of my proposal. When my knee touched the floor and I reached for ring in my pocket everything we had been through together and the all the possibilities our future could hold went off like the big bang in my brain.

Then I heard the most beautiful “yes” and exhaled for the first time in months. Vanessa Viall has a nice ring to it, eh?

I think how candid Vanessa and I were at After The Final Rose regarding the challenges we’ve faced as a newly engaged couple in a secret, long-distance relationship might have surprised some fans, but hey, it’s really tough to hold back when you just want to scream from the top of mountain that you’re in love with your amazing new fiancée. Now that we can celebrate our love unrestrained with the rest of world, we only see opportunities to take on together!

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