Nick Viall Reacts on Colton Underwood Quitting The Bachelor

Nick Viall has more experience on The Bachelor shows than any other lead.

The former reality t.v. star is dishing on the performance of the current lead Colton Underwood, and how quitting The Bachelor wasn’t an option for him during his season.

“It’s possible Colton could have quit,” Nick tells ET. “[But] in my mind, you did sign up for this. You gotta see it through.”

colton underwood quits bachelor


“There were certainly moments where I wanted to [quit]. It’s a stressful situation,” he continued. “The producers can select 30 amazing women or 30 amazing men, and they might not be your person. …That’s the stresses of being the lead, the pressures of the expectation. … What if my person’s not in this group? It’s a truly terrifying situation at times.”

“I think he’s doing great,” Nick told TODAY. “It’s a hard position to be in. You’re seeing, especially now, things can get really stressful and confusing, and it’s starting to show. But it’s entertaining for us to watch. All he can do is be himself.”

Nick also said he understands why Demi was sent home on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

 colton underwood demi

“Obviously the lead can’t say, ‘I love you’ back, but if you really know you’re not going to get there, it’s the right thing to do to send them home. Those moments of realness in the relationship probably reminded Colton that this is not my person. …Things are becoming more real.”

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