Nick Viall Flips Over Table, Breaks Down Crying on Tonight’s New Bachelor Episode

Nick Viall is having some serious thoughts about finding love on reality TV.

In a new promo released by ABC for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Nick experiences a roller coaster of emotions as he tries to determine which woman he should end up with …if any and going so far as to flip over a table.

“My biggest fear right now is that the same thing is going to happen,” he says before breaking down in tears.

“I really want this to work out but I really wanted it to be real and be right, and right now, I just feel terrified that’s not going to happen.”

Vanessa Grimaldi is also seen worrying about Nick’s chances.

“I’m starting to question if he won’t end up with anyone,” she says.

The episode is also going to be tough for Nick as  he still has to deal with Taylor, who he eliminated last week, interrupting his dinner date with Corinne.

“I felt like I could not leave today without speaking my truth to you,” Taylor reveals.



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