Nick Viall and Olivia Caridi Twitter Feud – You Decide The Winner

After last week’s Nick Viall vs Sean Lowe Twitter drama, we have a new one that involves Olivia Caridi and the Bachelor himself.

It all started when Olivia started to tweet about Nick’s reactions to women professing their love for him.

On Monday night’s episode, Vanessa confesses she is “falling in love” with Nick – the third woman to do so after Raven Gates and Danielle Lombard.

Nick obviously couldn’t say the L word back confusing Vanessa and the rest of the Bachelor nation.

“I really, really like you, but it is incredibly important for me, if I’m lucky enough to feel love or say ‘I love you’ in this role, that I only say it to one person,”

Olivia tweeted something right after hearing Nick’s response to Vanessa which didn’t go down too well with the Bachelor.

Nick fired back at her with a sarcastic tweet.

Olivia ended the conversation with her own GIF from Ben Higgin’s season.

While this all seems bad, Olivia told Us Weekly that she meant every word on Twitter. “I’m having a hard time getting behind it,” she said. “Because if you’re here for love — and I tweeted this, and he didn’t love it, sorry — but if you’re here for love, you’re hearing ‘I love you,’ and your face is like this [makes a serious face], why are you here?”

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