Nick Viall, Robby Hayes & Alexis Waters Get Into a Twitter Feud – Read Their Tweets

Nick Viall, Robby Hayes and Alexis Water got into a Twitter feud last night during the episode of Bachelor in Paradise and we’re here for all the drama!

Here’s how it all started..

During Monday night’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise, former Bachelor Nick Viall responded to a jibe Alexis Waters made at his expense.

Alexis joked that Nick was “the worst Bachelor in history.”

It’s safe to say it didn’t go down well with Nick.

‘Hi @awatazzz you still salty that you’re a shark,” he quipped back.


Remember this? Alexis entered The Bachelor AND Bachelor in Paradise dressed as a shark.. or was it a dolphin? We’ll never know.

Robby wanted in on the drama.

He replied with a simple “You’re*” to Nick, correcting him for using “you still salty” instead of “you’re still salty.”

To which Nick replied –

As for Alexis, she fired back at Nick’s insult by.. well read it yourself.

“Lmao GOOD ONE NICK….how long did it take you to come up with that one. I may be salty but I see you are still stale lol” the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 star clapped back at her ex.


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