Nick Blogs about Andi Dorfman’s Lecture To Him

Andi dorfman was back on The Bachelor this Monday night and how!

The former Bachelorette star surprised everybody when she knocked on ex Nick Viall’s hotel room in New York.

The brunette beauty showed up to Nick’s hotel room to give him some advice right before his overnight dates with the 3 remaining women.

Nick blogged about their awkward encounter on PEOPLE. Here’s what he wrote.

“I’d imagine most of you guys reading this know the last time Andi knocked on my door it didn’t turn out so well.  It was a couple years ago, and I thought I was about to have the opportunity to propose. Instead she broke my heart and broke up with me.  Lucky for me, we haven’t dated in quite some time and this knock wasn’t so dire, but it certainly came as a shock just as the time before.

Andi and I have certainly had our fair share of drama over the past couple of years, but we’ve actually reached a place where we’re gracious and somewhat friendly with one another. Who would have thought that Andi and I would be in place where we could openly talk about love, sex and our history so calmly?

Sure a visit from your ex can be awkward, but I thought that Andi’s visit proved that after sometime, you can be friends with an ex. While our trip down memory lane was short and sweet, it reminded me that I’d eventually have to make a similar tough decision in the weeks coming.”


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