Mike Johnson is ‘Seriously’ Being Considered As Next ‘Bachelor’

Hannah Brown’s season has officially ended and the Bachelor Nation is obsessing over who the next lead will be.

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The official announcement of who will be the next Bachelor will be made in the first week of September.

“I don’t think it will be Jed.” said Robert Mills, ABC’s Senior Vice President.

Mike Johnson, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron are confirmed to be in the running for the next Bachelor lead.

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US Weekly recently reported that Mike is “seriously being considered” for the next lead.

“Producers of the show have brought up his name a lot to potential contestants.”

Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter that Mike is “definitely in the mix” for the upcoming lead.

“I think they’re going to let Paradise play out and see what the reaction to him is,” E online reported.

“Paradise has gotten so big. It’s gotten to be such a huge franchise. It’s a needle-mover. Before it wasn’t such a huge deal. We didn’t need to wait to see what happened on Paradise,” host Chris Harrison recently told E! News. “But now, Paradise is such a huge franchise, we kinda need to see what effect that has on the audience and on some of the guys that are there.”
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“I’m a huge proponent for Mike to be the next ‘Bachelor,'” Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay told People magazine. “I say it anytime I get a platform to talk about it. I just feel like they haven’t had a person of color, well, they had Juan Pablo — they never had a black male lead before.”

“It makes me feel awesome, I’m not gonna lie about it. It puts a smile on my face to know that people want me to find the love that I want so dearly,” Mike told Us. “I’m, like, super humble in the sense of I shy it down quite often, but being completely transparent, it makes me feel amazing that people would even consider that for me.”

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    • August 11, 2019 at 10:30 AM

      I love the idea of having Mike Johnson be the next bachelor. He is sexy, respectful and humble. He would be a great husband. He definitely has my vote.


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