Leo Dottavio Fueds with Nick Viall and Amanda Stanton on Twitter

Another Bachelor Nation Twitter war has erupted!

Leo Dottavio is attacking Bachelor alums on Twitter after almost starting a physical fight with Grocery Store Joe on Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

It all started with Amanda Stanton tweeting on Monday about how Leo had reportedly been fired from the Universal Studios’ water park where he had previously worked. The tweet has since been deleted.

Leo didn’t take it well!

Amanda’s tweet continued: “…so i guess he can never blame “editing” #BachelorinParadise”

Leo then went after Bachelor in Paradise favorite Tanner Tolbert after the latter tweeted this!

To which Leo replied, “Hey buddy why don’t we settle this old school? Put some gloves on step in the ring? Next time you’re in LA maybe we can do that. Whoever loses donates 5k to charity. Heck I’ll let you wear head gear. When I know you out can I stand over you and call you a beta?”

Leo replied shortly after, calling Nick “soft, a keyboard warrior, a sad excuse of a man and a terrible actor.”

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