Lauren Bushnell On Watching Ben Higgins Kiss Other Women on ‘The Bachelor’

Lauren Bushnell is one lucky girl. She received the final rose and a huge diamond ring on Monday nights finale of The Bachelor.

However, the stunning flight attendant reveals watching the love of her life, Ben Higgins, kiss other women on the show was extremely difficult for her.

“It’s so confusing because here we are weeks out from being engaged and the relationship has progressed even further than]when we first got engaged,” Bushnell explained to ET.

“I know this happened weeks ago, but you’re re-watching it. It’s like ‘your cheating on me’ or something…”

“It’s not fun to watch your fiancé kissing other women, but it’s also something that happened in the past,” she added.

During the couple’s first public appearance on After The Final Rose, Higgins made a comment about Bushnell when the host asked what he wanted to do now that the show was over.

“You know, honestly for me, I just wanna show her off,” he responded, sending social media into a tailspin, calling the comment sexist.

Higgins addressed the backlash with ET, noting that “everything’s going to be taken incorrectly at times.”

“She’s a beautiful person who I can’t wait to share my life with and show people that I’m sharing my life with her,” Ben said. “I think that’s the part that I am most excited for.”

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