Lauren Bushnell Admits That Ben Higgins Never Had Her ”Whole Heart” & Says This About His New Girlfriend

Lauren Bushnell wants nothing but the best for her ex-fiancé, Ben Higgins —  while also admitting that he never really had her ‘whole heart’.

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In a shocking revelation on her Instagram, The Bachelor season 20 winner revealed that she wasn’t completely in love with the Bachelor Nation favorite Ben Higgins.

The former contestant posted a photo of herself with new boyfriend Chris Lane, she captioned her post, “My whole heart”  leading one of her followers to ask, “Haven’t your last 3 boyfriends been your whole heart?”

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“Honestly no,” Lauren replied to the comment. “I mean that’s the truth. Lol looking back now that I know what it’s supposed to feel like — they did not I just wanted them to.”

And this is what she had to say about Ben’s new girlfriend Jessica Clarke.

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“[I’m] so happy for him. Like, honestly, I would never wish anything but happiness for him, so I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s doing well,” she told Us Weekly. “Obviously we don’t communicate all the time — I feel like that would be kind of weird — but I’m very happy for him.”

She also added that Jessica “seems like a great girl from what I’ve heard and seen” and that she’s “definitely happy that he found a person that it seems like he is serious about.”

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