Krystal Hoped Peter Kraus Would Be The Bachelor and She’s Headed to Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor season 22 villain Krystal Nielson talked about The Bachelor on EllenTube with producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Just like Bekah M, Krystal too appeared on the show hoping Peter Kraus would be the season 22 lead.

“You know, I was really pleasantly surprised,” She said about Arie Jr.. “I was really hoping it was going to be Peter. I wanted to give him a fair shot. Arie’s so different in a group setting versus one on one. In a group, he’s awkward and a little goofy and uncomfortable in a group setting. One on one, Arie’s completely different. He’s there for you. He’s very present.”

“The thing at the bowling alley was just my tipping point,” she continued. “I’d been putting so much effort into him, and there was so much s- the house and I was just there for Arie. When he changed his mind, some people think that’s an overreaction. I only had his word. I was pretty much done. I packed my bags that night.”

“It’s such an interesting dynamic that was really hard for me to navigate through because I’m there for Arie – I gave up so much of my life for this guy and this relationship, and that’s where my focus is. It’s not summer camp, braiding hair and making girlfriends. That’s not what I signed up for. So that really separated me instantly.”

Get ready for some more glitter on your TV because she might be headed to Paradise and she had an idea of who she’d be looking for on the beach.

“It would have to be someone who definitely works for themselves. Entrepreneurial. Definitely health and fitness. And has to be a dog person.”

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