Kendall Says Lauren Was on The Bachelor for Love and Not To Sell Hair Gummies on Instagram

The Bachelor season 22 contestants Bekah Martinez and Kendall Long both agree that Lauren Burnham was on the reality show to find love. They also reveal her fun side that we didn’t get to see on camera.

“Lauren is really guarded, but there is so much more than the edit showed,” Kendall tells Vulture.

“This is really important: Lauren was extremely goofy and extremely fun. When we were still at the mansion, we were roommates, and she was literally wearing a fake butt twerking upside down on the side of the wall and belting out Moulin Rouge! lyrics on the balcony with me.

But as she developed more feelings for Arie, she became more closed off and guarded and insecure. I don’t mean “insecure” in a negative way, but you are competing with multiple other women. Of course, if you care about someone, you’re going to get insecure about yourself in the face of so many other relationships.” Bekah added.

Kendall also revealed that Burnham wasn’t there for Instagram followers, but truly was there to try and find possible love. She then went on to add that Burnham didn’t really need any extra followers, but if that truly was the reason, then Burnham would have probably just been better off looking into something like Jarvee that would have improved her IG platform ready for the sale of her hair gummies.

“She showed a lot of emotion on camera that I didn’t expect. But she was really guarded. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would want to have her love life on television. She was definitely there for love. She wasn’t there to sell hair gummies on Instagram.”

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