Kaitlyn Bristowe Breaks Down While Talking About Shawn Booth Split: ‘I Really Did Think We’d Get Through It’

Kaitlyn Bristowe has finally spoken about her split with longtime fiancé Shawn Booth.

The former Bachelorette opened up about her break up on her podcast Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe. She began the conversation, referring to their breakup as “the big elephant in the room.”

Here’s what she said:

“I was getting a lot of messages from people, you know, over the past few months saying, ‘we know it’s done so just tell us. But, to be honest, I guess I just wasn’t ready to accept it, until I was, and that is when we announced it. It had to be on our timeline for our relationship, and not what other people expected from us.”

“It’s been a really hard few months now,” she admits. “I really did think we’d get through it.”

kaitlyn bristowe and shawn booth

The Bachelorette season 11 star said that she and Shawn were in a “crossroads” in their relationship, but she always thought they would “choose the road” where they’d end up together.

“I just never took our commitment or being engaged lightly at all,” she says as she breaks down. “I had the mindset of doing whatever it took to make it work. And now realizing maybe to a fault, but I do believe that with all the hard moments in life come life lessons and that’s what I need to take from all of this. Sometimes you need to take a moment and take a step back to think about what you are fighting for and if it makes sense for your long-term happiness.”

Kaitlyn breaks down once again during her podcast when she talked about Shawn’s dog Tucker.

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“I knew this part would be hard because knowing Tucker – I mean this is all hard – but I think I’ve been grieving this for a while and just knowing Tucker isn’t in my home anymore. Sometimes I feel like he was almost the glue to our relationship and I clearly love that dog so much. But I will still see him. I’m like staring at his dog bed that he didn’t even ever use in front of the fireplace.”

After three years together, she said that the couple realized “There were some important fundamental values that weren’t lining up, some things we’d probably never see eye-to-eye on. We were left with no choice but to be honest with ourselves and each other.”

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