Josh & Amanda Caught Kissing! Find Out If They’re Back On

Just two months after the Bachelor in Paradise 3 couple Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton called off their engagement, they were spotted kissing!

Josh and Amanda were spotted out in Los Angeles on Sunday night kissing, hugging, and showing off plenty of PDA after they dined at the Japanese restaurant Katana in West Hollywood. (Scroll down for picture)

Murray spoke to ET during a Facebook live chat on Monday and opened up about his relationship status with Amanda.

“There’s a possibility for anything,”

However, he said he’s still single and things are “tough” as they’re trying to figure things out.

“You know, we’re trying to deal with stuff in a more private manner now, obviously, and we just kind of want people to respect that,” he said. “Especially because it’s a tough situation with the kids, and we don’t want to kind of fully dive into anything, because we’re thinking about them as well.”

So why did they decide to meet up?

“This is the first time I’ve seen her in a while. When I came out this week, I came for one of my friend’s events, and I did some other stuff while I was here, and we ran into each other and stuff,” he explained. “You know, we just had long conversations. They were conversations that needed to be had, and [we had] a great dinner.”

He continued, “It was a good evening. We had a good time. Whenever we’re together, especially outside of the show and outside all the drama, it’s always been a good relationship. There were just so many outside forces and outside factors that got involved after we were together on the show, and it was unfortunate for a little bit.”

So, are they going to be just friends or more going forward?

“There’s a lot of things that we still need to talk about, just for moving on as friends or anything in the future, and we’re beginning to do that.” he reasons



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