JoJo Fletcher Talks About Jordan Rodgers’ Cheating Scandal

She is one tough girl. After dealing with two Chad’s and confronting Jordan Rodgers about the cheating scandal, JoJo Fletcher survives to talk about it.

“Heading out of the country was just what I needed. I’d never been to South America, so I couldn’t have been more excited. Did you see that massive sculpture of the hand sticking out of the sand? Is that cool or what?!

I was really looking forward to seeing Jordan. He and I had an instant connection that first night when he stepped out of the limo, but I was so ready to try and move beyond that. And I know the water was a little murky, but just seeing those seals swim around so close to us was amazing. They are so big (and. yes, a little stinky!) but so graceful. If you haven’t had the chance to swim with seals and you have the opportunity, give it a go!

That night, I knew I needed to have a serious talk with Jordan!

It was hard bringing those issues up with him, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to move forward without having that conversation. I could tell he was surprised, and there was a moment there when I was worried that he was about to shut down. But he didn’t. Hearing him open up and tell me that he was immature and maybe not the best person in past relationships meant a lot. He didn’t try to place blame on anyone other than himself. I respected that. And it made me realize that the connection between us was more than just physical.”



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