JoJo Fletcher Reveals Who Made Her Realize She Was Making the Right Choice

JoJo Fletcher reveals who made her realize she made the right choice in a blog for People.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Something you didn’t see on this day was a conversation I had with my sister, Rachel. I know everyone at home remembers my brothers as the stand out family members from last season, but it was actually Rachel who said something to me on this day that stood out. Rachel had pointed out that Jordan was so similar to me, and also reminded her of guys I’ve dated before. However, she didn’t see this as a possible negative like my mom did.

When Rachel and I spoke, she said don’t be afraid of the fact that he reminds you of guys you’ve dated in the past, be secure in the kind of man he is to you now. She knows the pain of heartbreak I’ve dealt with, but she said, ‘You cant put the mistakes of men that have come before Jordan onto him.’ She reminded me just how much I really loved this man no matter what history I have. And he has given me no reason not to trust him.”

Bachelor In Paradise airs every Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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