Jenna Cooper Has ‘Forensic Evidence’ She Didn’t Cheat On Jordan Kimball

The never ending Bachelor in Paradise drama involving Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper rages on.

A day after the Paradise Tell All, text messages were revealed to the world that seemingly proved that Jenna Cooper was cheating on then fiancé Jordan Kimball.

Jenna Cooper had her phone undergo a forensic analysis to prove her innocence according to her latest Instagram post.

Jenna Cooper phone photo

“The results from the forensic analysis are in, and I feel compelled to share them with Jordan before anyone else.
Despite what some people have said, I have denied all of these false allegations from the beginning, and I am reiterating that I never cheated on Jordan, there is no “sugar daddy,” I was not faking my feelings towards Jordan on the show, and that I never made or sent those fake texts posted by Stephen Carbone.”

Jenna Cooper program

“I appreciate everyone who has believed, supported, and loved me through this. I also forgive those of you who have said hateful things to me,” she continues.

“I have spent years growing as a strong independent woman who manages her business without the help from any man. It is insulting to hear that anyone would question my character in that way when my biggest passion is to empower women. This is why I am standing up for myself and refusing to be a victim. I did nothing wrong, and despite what accusatory statements negative gossip bloggers have to say…I have a voice too, and it will be heard! I am standing up for myself and any woman who has ever been mistreated, overpowered, sexualized, or made to feel unworthy of sharing her story. I have God and the truth on my side, and in the end that’s all I need. I will not be silenced.”

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