Is She Engaged? Find out as Rachel Lindsay Spoiled Her own Season of ‘The Bachelorette’


The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 22nd & the lead Rachel Lindsay just spoiled her own season finale.

She’s back from filming the season 13 of The Bachelorette. So, of course, everyone is wondering: Is she engaged?

Rachel broke the news in a press call with reporters.

“I am very much so in love and very much so engaged” she said.

“Every morning I wake up and pinch myself and I keep asking myself if this is really happening,” she continues. “It’s crazy at times. I feel like I don’t even deserve this. I feel like I’m getting everything that I want and I am getting my happy ending.”

“I’m used to a long-distance relationship where we can’t see each other all the time and we can’t be public. I’m used to that,” she told the press. “But it’s hard when you’re so excited about something and you can’t share it with everyone. But we make sure to communicate with each other all the time, and that’s all you can really do.”


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