‘I Was Here to Find a Wife, Not a Drama Queen’ – Arie Blogs About Sending Krystal Home

Arie Luyendyk Jr finally said goodbye to this season villain, Krystal Nielson, the 29-year-old fitness coach.

In an exclusive blog for PEOPLE, the Bachelor explained exactly why he said goodbye to Krystal.

“Every fan of The Bachelor knows that the 2-on-1 can be really difficult and awkward. Even though the date is inherently kind of awkward, I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and still had a great time in a beautiful setting. I really wanted to get to know Kendall more and, at the same time, evaluate if my relationship with Krystal was too broken to fix.

Despite the intensity of the date, Kendall was cool, confident and relaxed enough for us to grow significantly closer. She’s intelligent, funny and always full of facts. I was still worried about her lack of a previous long-term relationship, but her viewpoint on marriage and “when” a person is ready was really refreshing. Watching it all back, I didn’t realize just how contentious things were with Kendall and Krystal. I am so impressed with Kendall’s ability to stick up for herself and for me and for all the other women on the show.

When it comes down to it, I just knew I’d never be able to really trust Krystal again. There were too many red flags at this point and, though I tried, I could not get over her meltdown in Fort Lauderdale. I wanted to give myself a chance to get over that incident and see if we could recover, but none of her apologies were able to repair what was broken.

Though I once had very strong feelings for her, those feelings were now gone. It was time to say goodbye. Ultimately, I had to remember why I came on the show in the first place. I was here to find a wife, not a drama queen.

My decision wasn’t just based on needing to say goodbye to Krystal. I also needed to keep seeing Kendall. My feelings for her were growing more and more every day. Getting to end the night kissing Kendall on top of the Eiffel Tower was pure bliss. We literally ran across town to catch the last elevator up and made it to our platform just in time to be able to kiss while overlooking Paris. What a beautiful end to a really stressful day.”

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