Here’s Why Cassie Calls Kirpa an ‘Idiot’ In The Next Episode of The Bachelor

The Bachelor is almost done with it’s 23rd season but the drama continues even in the final episodes.

In a sneak peek obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Cassie and Kirpa get into an argument over Colton Underwood.

The preview starts with Kirpa telling Cassie that she supports Katie’s decision to talk to Colton about some women not being ready.

Cassie And Kirpa

“Why would you go spend your time talking to Colton about me?” Cassie asks Kirpa.

“He asked, ‘Hey, what’s your take on this?’” Kirpa replied. “I told him.”

 Cassie And Kirpa

Cassie then goes on to say that there is no evidence that she is there for the wrong reasons and her action reeks of desperation to her, and she insists it’s not true.

Then she call’s Kirpa an idiot in her ITM(In the moment) interview in front of the camera!

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