Hannah Shades Jed’s Mom & Others on Twitter During Hometowns Episode

Hannah Brown met four families during Monday night’s hometown episode of The Bachelorette.

And she live tweeted her feelings!

The Bachelor Nation was looking forward to Jed Wyatt’s hometown date after his now ex girlfriend exposed him for going on the show for the wrong reasons.

Jed’s family, especially his mom, was a little uneasy with Hannah and she did not hide her feelings.

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“I told your son I’m falling in love with him,” Hannah tells his mom.

“Do you say that to all of them?” Jed’s mom asks.

“No. I haven’t said it to anybody else.” Hannah replies.

“He lives, he lives his life, before The Bachelorette… His path is different, very different. He’s a musician.” she tells Hannah.

These were the Wyatt’s faces when Hannah tried to toast their family at the end of her date!


Here are some of the live tweets from Hannah during the episode.
This was after the mom’s toast, “When you stick to the truth, it’s beneficial to everyone.”

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Image result for hannah brown jeds mom

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