Hannah Brown Reveals Why She Chose Jed Wyatt and Dumped Tyler Cameron

Hannah Brown has finally answered the question the Bachelor Nation has been asking since the finale.

Why did she ever choose Jed Wyatt and not Tyler Cameron at the final rose ceremony?

Here’s what she said:

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

“I loved two different people,” she tells PEOPLE. “And I was getting engaged to one and breaking up with the other all on the same day.”

“I was trying to make a choice, but you can’t shut off emotions. I wanted to be 100 percent sure, but I don’t think I ever was.”

“I was immediately attracted to Tyler, but I didn’t take it seriously at first,” she continues. “I was so scared to get hurt by him. And I didn’t know if he was really ready for marriage.”

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“Then I started to slowly break down. And by the Fantasy Suites, it wrecked me. I felt like I did a disservice because I hadn’t allowed myself that time to be ready to be engaged to Tyler.”

“He was the scary choice, and Jed was more familiar. In that moment, [choosing Jed] felt like the safest, best decision I could make.”

“There was a second that I questioned my decision. But I felt like my heart was broken in four pieces, and Jed had the biggest piece.”

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