Hannah Ann Just Commented on Madison’s Instagram and We’re Here For It

Girls just wanna… support other girls.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett’s friendship remains the same after the whole Bachelor ‘finasco’.

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The 23 year old model showed some support to Madi by commenting on her recent Instagram post.

“Well this Monday is a little different,” Madison posted a photo of herself with the caption. “Also hope everyone is staying safe ❤️”

“Cutie,” Hannah replied with a heart and kissing face emoji.

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Peter Weber’s mom Barb was really unhappy with Madison not apologizing to Hannah Ann after the Bachelor broke up with her.

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“She never ever mentioned how sorry she was to Hannah Ann for what had happened,” Barb said.

“You know, Hannah Ann was hurt, of course, but she never even apologized to her. So, [there are] two people that, I guess, unfortunately, need apologies.”

It looks like the girls have moved on from all the drama of the reality world.

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