Find Out Which Finalist Keeps Her Virginity a Secret From Peter Weber

When the teaser for The Bachelor season 24 was released, it is hinted that one of Peter’s finalists is a virgin.

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“Dude, she has waited this long to tell him she’s a virgin,” Victoria Fuller tells the camera’s in an ITM interview.

We then hear another voiceover of the contestant who says she’d be upset if Peter was intimate with other women.

We then see Peter getting an ultimatum — and it might be that if he sleeps with anyone other than her, she’s going to have to leave the show.

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“Today I realized I was in love with Peter, but if he sleeps with anyone else, it would be hard for me to move forward,” the contestant says.

“I don’t want you to feel like it’s all about sex, but I have been intimate. I can’t lie to you about that,” we hear Peter’s voiceover.

AND, this contestant makes it to the fantasy suites.



Warning: Spoilers for season 24 of The Bachelor ahead.

So, who is the virgin contestant who kept her virginity a secret all season long?

It’s the Bachelor Nation favorite..


The Bachelor - Madison

The 23-year-old foster parent recruiter, who makes it to the fantasy suites, may have chosen to abstain from sex due to her religious beliefs.

Madison values her faith, according to her Bachelor bio, and wants a man who has the same religious principles.

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“She’s looking for a man who will prioritize faith and family before everything else. She is hoping to find someone who shares the same religious values that she and her family have,” her bio reads.

“He also MUST want children and know how to have fun. Her dream is to travel the world and spread love through missionary work.”

It should be very interesting to watch it all play out next week on The Bachelor.

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