Find Out How Much Was Sean Lowe Paid to Be The Bachelor

Reality stars splurge their cash as soon as they get a taste of fame, but not Sean Lowe!

The Bachelor star revealed to Fortune that he saved his earnings from those two hit ABC dating shows The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars, and invested wisely in a $10 million real estate project in his native Texas.

This can prove to be a very lucrative investment for Sean, if he takes the help of the right people and gets to know his way around the property market like the back of his hand. Revamping properties and upselling them is said to be very valuable, since there are hundreds of properties across Texas (as well as across the rest of the US) just lying there without being used.

Identifying these properties and flipping them into housing structures or other commercial buildings can provide value to both the investor, in this case Sean, as well as the final buyer of said property. Companies such as Contractors Inc can come into the picture to help remodel or renovate the properties as necessary to make them usable, so that ultimately, they can be sold off on the market.

But just how much did he make to appear on the Bachelor?

Sean Lowe had to take time out of his busy schedule to star on ABC’s The Bachelor so, as you might expect, he was duly compensated. In other words, Sean was paid the big bucks to date 25 women.

The reality star made between $75,000 and $90,000 for appearing on The Bachelor!

How awesome is that? But it’s NOTHING to what Emily Maynard made during her stint on The Bachelorette Season 8, who still remains as the highest paid lead of The Bachelor reality shows.


“Together, we’ve developed close to $10 million worth of residential and multifamily real estate,” Sean tells Us ‘We’ve built and sold speculative projects so far, but we anticipate building multifamily rentals and mixed-use commercial buildings in the near future that will hopefully generate residual income and safeguard us from a downturn in the housing market.”

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