Demi Burnett Talks About That Pacifier Incident With Courtney on Women Tell All

That was the MOST dramatic Women Tell All in the history of the Women Tell Alls!

The drama heated up when Demi Burnett and Courtney Curtis went all out on each other on last night’s ABC special.

“That was not OK,”  Onyeka told Glamour after the show. “Don’t touch someone. If she threw it at her, that’s one thing. But she shoved it down her throat! What the f-ck is wrong with you?”

Demi Burnett on Women Tell All

Demi spoke about the pacifier incident with Glamour.

“That was ridiculous, that was insane. She had to make some kind of statement tonight, and I thought maybe she could do it verbally. She had to resort to doing it physically, but whatever. It’s 100 percent not OK. It made her look terrible. The only reason I’m not more mad about it is because everybody knows how bad that was. Everybody can see for themselves. I don’t have time to spend on her, thinking about what she did and being mad over it and filing assault charges. I don’t have time for that.”

“I was pissed. I was like, “Who let her do this? Who gave her the pacifier? Where’d she pull it out of?” But I agree, she shouldn’t have been allowed to stay. I totally agree with that. That’s not fair to do to someone. My initial instincts were to start swinging, but I was like, stop it, you’re an adult, just throw it at her.”

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“She won’t even look at me. I’d like to stare at her and wait for her to look at me, but she never will.”

One thought on “Demi Burnett Talks About That Pacifier Incident With Courtney on Women Tell All

  • March 7, 2019 at 12:11 PM

    She may have pulled it out of her ass. Who knows where she put it or what she put on it behind the scenes. I would have the thing tested for bacteria and depending on the results I might file charges. Physical assaults are not ok. It was not okay that security did not remove her. What type of precedence do the producers, directors of Bachelor want to set? Are they turning this show into a classless Jerry Springer now?


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