Dean Unglert Dated These Two Contestants on Bachelor in Paradise 4 -Messy Love Triangle Details

Dean Unglert didn’t find love with the Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay but he fell for two girls and the messy love triangle continues even after the filming finished for season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

After his hometown elimination on The Bachelorette, Dean joined a star-studded cast in Paradise, which includes, Raven Gates, Amanda Stanton, Alexis Waters, Derek Peth, Kristina Schulman, Danielle Maltby, Taylor Nolan, Robby Hayes, Ben Zorn, Vinny Ventiera, Danielle Lombard, Adam Gottschalk, Matt Munson, Haley Ferguson, Emily Ferguson, etc..

So lets get back to the love triangle drama.

One of those romances was between Dean and Nick Viall’s ex Kristina Schulman.


On season 21 of The Bachelor, Kristina shocked Nick Viall and the entire Bachelor Nation with her heartbreaking backstory. She was adopted from an orphanage in Russia at the age of 12 and we learned that a series of tragic events led to that.

The couple left Paradise together when the production was halted on June 10th due to the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson drama.

But things were about to change as another contestant from Nick Viall’s season arrived and ruined everything for Kristina.

Their Paradise romance got really complicated after Danielle Lombard arrived with a date card and asked Dean out on a date.

Dean love triangleDanielle L


Dean-Kristina-Danielle romance is going to be the biggest drama of the season.

Danielle left quite an impression on Dean. He would spend a lot of time with her during the day but then spend the night with his original flame.

Kristina then eliminated herself after reaching her breaking point.

After spending a couple of days with Danielle, Dean breaks up with her, telling her that he’s in love with Kristina.

The love triangle hasn’t stopped since they returned from Paradise. Dean lives near Danielle in LA and the couple were recently spotted partying together at the Men Tell All after party.

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