Corinne Olympios Ex on What She’s Really Like

Who exactly is Corinne Olympios and is she really how she appears to be on Bachelor?

Last week, Corinne’s mother spoke out, claiming her daughter was simply playing a role.

“She decided, there are two people who get remembered: the winner or the villain, just like Chad Johnson and some others,” she begins.

She continues, “Yes, she took it to the limits, [but] most of it is fake.”

 Of course she was going to protect her daughter and speak in her favor. However, Corinne’s ex wrote an entire blog about her off screen nature and what she really is like in real life.
The guy in question is Keith Berman. They dated two years ago and this is what he wrote.

“Let me be the first to say she’s got you all eating out of the palms of her hands,” he writes.

“You think Corinne doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing?! HA! She’s been playing this game her whole life now she’s just doing it in front of a national TV audience.”

He continues, “She may not be the smartest girl in the world but she plays to her strengths of being flirty, energetic, sexyyy, and a ton of fun.”

So why aren’t we seeing her good side on t.v?

Because playing a villain pays. He points out how her number of followers has grown significantly since joining the show.


“I got bad news for all you haters out there,” he starts. “She makes it much further then [sic] any of you expect.”

 “It’s Corinne’s world….. we’re all just living in it!”



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