Colton Underwood on Cassie Randolph: Our Love is More Than Just Physical!

The Bachelor Nation is absolutely in love with this speech pathologist from California.

Cassie Randolph  and Colton Underwood have an undeniable chemistry and the 23 year old seems to be a front runner on season 23 of The Bachelor.

cassie colton underwood

But is there anything more than just the physical connection?

“I think one-on-ones in general, whether you look back at my one-on-one with Elyse or you look back on my one-on-one with Hannah [Brown], you could really take the next step in that relationship, and I feel like my relationship with Cassie last night did that,” he told HollywoodLife.

colton underwood cassie randolph

“You know, yes, we obviously had a physical connection, but I also think if you watch the dinner portion too, you see sort of a conversation that was hard for her to talk about. I think that’s what’s interesting with all of these one-on-ones… it sort of forces them to get out of their comfort zone, and it also pushes me to get out of mine, too. And, really, you get to know one another, so it’s exciting. The one-on-ones are game-changers.”

“It is so easy to be with her.”

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