Colton Underwood Explains Why He Jumped The Fence and Quit The Show

It was the moment we have been waiting for an entire season!

Colton Underwood finally jumped the fence last night after Cassie Randolph, decided to leave the show when she realized she couldn’t accept his proposal due to the short amount of time they had spent together.

Colton and Cassie had a long emotional chat and the Bachelor tried to convince her to stay, but she ultimately left.

He then returns to his room, only to open the door, slam the camera and storm out, running away from producers and host Chris Harrison who witnessed the jump.

PEOPLE shared an exclusive clip where The Bachelor opened up about the fence on The Women Tell All special.

colton underwood

“At what point did you actually think, ‘I’m done,'” host Chris Harrison asks Colton on the hot seat.

“It was when I was walking up into the Fantasy Suite by myself,” Colton replies. “Having the time to myself … I realized I’ve been pushed pretty hard. As much as I say this was the best thing for me, it was a challenge, too, at times. I would say having that alone time and realizing I needed more of it.”

“I was gone for a while and, in that moment, I quit,” Colton tells THR. “I didn’t want to be the Bachelor anymore.”

“The show goes on, and I have a very important conversation with Chris in which I share with him that it’s not fair to myself and not fair to these women for me to quit and give up. But yeah — it gets good,” Colton talks about what’s ahead. “I had to have some conversations to get to that point.”

“While you guys get to see this TV show, this is my life,” he says. “So I’m not going to make a rash decision, and I’m not going to do something that is going to have an impact on the rest of my life unless I’m sure about it.”

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