Colton Opens Up About Cassie’s Shocking Departure From The Show

It was a brutal episode for our Bachelor Colton Underwood!

Cassie Randolph, the only contestant that he fell in love with, dumped him in the middle of their “fantasy suites” date in Portugal.

Cassie and Colton

The Bachelor Nation was completely heartbroken to see Colton in that state. And now he’s ready to talk about it.

“I was shocked,” Colton tells PEOPLE. “I had no idea it was coming.”

Cassie and Colton

“It was right back into the trap of loving somebody who wasn’t quite there with me,” he added. “It was very hard for me to hear.”

Colton also said that he had reason to believe things wouldn’t work out even after Katie Morton, Kirpa, Sydney, and Tayshia Adams warned him that Cassie wasn’t ready to get engaged.

“I don’t get to see what’s happening when I’m not in the room,” he explains. “When I’m in that relationship, it’s based off my feelings and my gut and my heart. These women are entitled to their own opinions and I respect that, but they’re not in that relationship.”

“I just didn’t know where Cassie was at and I tried to get those answers.” But, he says, “in my opinion there were no red flags.”

Cassie and Colton

So, what are we going to see that’ll change everything in the Monday night’s finale?

“You’ll see a very important conversation I have with Chris Harrison and with my dad that plays an important role moving forward. It’s definitely emotional.”

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