Chris Harrison Said Colton Was ‘Done’ After Cassie’s Exit – Here’s How He Was Found

Chris Harrison can finally say that this is going to be THE most dramatic season finale of all time.

The host revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that Colton Underwood was “done” and ready to quit the show after Cassie Randolf dumped him during the night portion of their fantasy suite date.

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“He was emotional, upset, pi**ed off, mad at production, mad at me, mad at himself, mad at Cassie. Everything was just pouring out of him,” Chris said. “And he was done. We knew he cared about Cassie. But I never understood the depths of his love and commitment, and that she was the one.”

“And when she broke his heart, it just put everything on tilt,” he added. “And it was over.”

“I think he loved Cassie so much, and I think he was so scared,” he said. “And maybe it was kind of — self-manifested in that, you know, you try to protect something and save it so much that you end up bringing it to be.”

So how did they find him after he jumped the fence ran off in the Portuguese wilderness?

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“Five minutes went by or so, and then we all came together back at this crossroads. The producers and everybody was there,” Chris tells ET Online. “We called back to Los Angeles… and we woke up other executive producers and executives and said, ‘This is what’s happening. What do we do?’ and they said, ‘At some point, you’re gonna have to call the authorities.'”

“Luckily, as we were about to call the cops, someone’s walkie talkie clips, and I hear, ‘We got him. We found him,'” he added. “That’s where we pick up next week with the finale. You’ll see us chase him down.”

“He didn’t come back on his own, but we found him because… he gave himself up, in a way,” he said. “He’s not a good Liam Neeson. He’s not Rambo.”

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