Chris Harrison Reveals Why Nick Viall Was Picked as the Bachelor Over Luke Pell

Bachelor Nation watched in surprise as Nick Viall was announced as the leading man for the 21st season of the hit ABC show on Tuesday evening.

The decision that “makes so much sense” to the host of the show Chris Harrison.

Nick Viall, who is currently on Bachelor In Paradise, has become a familiar face to the Bachelor nation after he ended up becoming a runner-up on back to back seasons of The Bachelorette.

In an interview with People, Chris Harrison finally talks about why Nick Viall was chosen over Luke Pell and it makes a lot of sense.

“He has just become that perennial, second place guy who wants to find love and is as sincere, if not more sincere, than anybody about finding it. It’s about giving him his chance to find love. Who deserves it more than him?”

He also adds, “The main reason it’ll work this time is Josh won’t be there. There are plenty of women out there that find him adorable and lovable and irresistible. I have no doubt that he will find the woman of his dreams.”

“We have made a very, very good living – and have been extremely successful – out of leading the landscape and trying to please Bachelor Nation and give them what they want, but at the same time knowing well enough to know that we’re actually giving them what they need, At the end of the day, we had some really good, viable candidates, but Nick’s sincere.”

Harrison talks about Nick: “So many names get thrown around and at the end of the day, as producers, we have to try and think and decide what’s best for the franchise and who is the most deserving and sincere person. At the end of the day, we all looked around the table and nobody could say it wasn’t Nick. You can’t shoot holes at the fact that he is just the most deserving and sincere person.”

On the advice that he gave Nick

“My advice – and I’ve already texted and talked back-and-forth with him – is don’t change anything. We have brought you on as the Bachelor. You’re our guy. Just be yourself. Be that same, sweet, sincere human being that everybody loves and it’ll work.”

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