Chris Harrison Reveals Nick Viall Pulled a ‘Full Jason Mesnick’

We are a few weeks away from The Bachelor Finale and and Chris Harrison tells Mario Lopez in a clip exclusive to Us Weekly that Nick Viall had quite a bit of a breakdown during his journey on The Bachelor.

“I know people were a little reluctant, and they’re giving him a hard time,” Chris said of Nick.

“He’s a good man — he’s a really good guy. And he’s doing a good job.”

Chris also revealed that viewers will see Nick experience a full range of emotions as he embarks on his journey. In fact, Viall pulls a full-on Mesnick.

“I will say — he hit a little low point, as all of the Bachelors do,” Harrison reveals of Viall.

“You kind of reach this emotional bottom where you get stripped down. If you know what a Mesnick is, I will let you know that he pulled a full Mesnick. There will be man tears on this season for sure.”


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