Chris Harrison Reveals His First Valentine’s Day Plans with Girlfriend Lauren Zima

Chris Harrison has a new lady in his life. The Bachelor host announced to the world that he was dating ET’s producer Lauren Zima earlier this month.

Chris Harrison talked about their first Valentine’s Day as a couple.

 lauren zima chris harrison


“Sadly, my plans on our first Valentine’s Day are working,” he told PEOPLE. “I’m making a cameo on an ABC show and we’re actually shooting all Thursday night.”

“I have begged her and asked for forgiveness that we’re postponing,” he added. “We’re doing a belated Valentine’s on Saturday. I will be making up for it and doubling down and making sure it’s killer on Saturday night. I know how this goes. When they sent the schedule out and said we were shooting Thursday night, I figure it must have been a guy production coordinator that figured that out!”

The new couple made their red carpet debut at a pre-Screen Actors Guild Awards party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Jan. 26, but they have been dating since last summer.

lauren zima chris harrison

“Officially, we’ve set the date on six months. People just didn’t know, but it was actually this summer. It’s been easy and I think that’s how it all starts,” he continued. “We started dating and, like any relationship, she made me happy. She was kind, nice, we got along, she blended in great with my friends, and just all those steps in the relationship where you start checking those boxes off and it gets better and better and better.”

“I know what I do is public, as far as hosting and the shows I do, but I’m a pretty private guy [and] I’ll stay that way for the most par. We came to the realization that we didn’t want to hide — we wanted to be able to date and enjoy life. When it got to the point where we were having to try to hide, we were like this is enough. We just wanted to live our lives.”

Exactly how many people knew about their romance?

“Kaitlyn [Bristowe] has known about Lauren and I for a while. I confided in her a while ago. It’s funny, some of the Bachelor people knew and they were nice and didn’t say anything or out me.”

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