Chad & Robby Hayes Trash “Fake” Bachelor Nick Viall!

Bachelorette runner-up Robby Hayes and villian Chad Johnson may have mixed emotions about Nick Viall leading the 21st installment of the Bachelor and they’re not afraid to speak their minds.

Both Robby and Chad called Nick Viall ‘totally fake’.

“He’s already been on three shows,” Chad Johnson tells In Touch “It’s not about him wanting a wife; it’s about fame.”

“When we first showed up to Bachelor in Paradise, he followed me around the entire night and was talking about me on camera. He knew that was going to get him on TV,” he recalls.

“I called him out a couple times, like, ‘Oh, good job on getting your redemption story.’ He laughed at it because he knew what he was doing.”

Robby Hayes also had something to say about Nick Viall.


“To be honest, I figured they might go after somebody a little younger, somebody that has a little more pep in their step,”  He adds that, when they met, Nick “came off a little pompous and seemed bitter.”


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