Ben Higgins Reveals One Mistake Colton Underwood Is Making on The Bachelor

America’s favorite Bachelor shares one mistake that the current lead is making on this season of the hit ABC dating reality show!

And how Colton just might take away that title from him!

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“He’s crushed me!” Ben Higgins tells ET of how Colton has done as the lead this year. “I’m a peon compared to him. I’ve said since my time that if you want to be a good Bachelor or Bachelorette, it doesn’t take charisma, the most swag or the best looking. … It’s about who will feel in the scenarios and dive deep into people’s stories. … I think Colton’s done a really good job in investing his energy into the people on the show with him.”

But what is that one mistake that the Bachelor is making this season?

“He could ask more direct questions,” He added. “He’s doing a great job of diving in, feeling the moment and making sure he’s present as Bachelor. But I think he has to start asking more direct questions, not only to find out who’s not there for the right reasons, but also to find out what someone is looking for.”

Who does he think Colton chooses?

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“I watch him and Hannah G. and I feel all sorts of weird,” he says with a laugh. “There’s chemistry between the two of them. The reason I think he chooses Cassie, though, is that we were not seeing a ton of her [earlier in the season]… and then, I think Caelynn is the Bachelorette.”

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