Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Are Filming Their Very Own Reality Show

According to Steve Carbone, “Married couples that decide to have their lives filmed for a reality show have pretty much all inevitably broken up.”

The Kardashians did it and are still doing it despite the many failed marriages. But they’re not the only ones you can keep up with anymore.

Ben & Lauren announced they will have their own reality show on Freeform beginning in October that focuses on their engagement/relationship.

The Bachelor couple will film an unscripted show beginning this summer about their life in Denver. The show will be called Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After and it will air on the Freeform network (which is a new name for ABC Family) after they’re done filming a few weeks.

Here’s what Ben said when asked about their new show.

“After you walk away from The Bachelor, it’s not like your life becomes private. People still find out what you’re doing, so it’s not changing our life to be public.”

“We’re already used to sharing our lives with everyone else, so we thought, Why not? It’s a fun way to share life after The Bachelor,” Lauren adds.

“Starting a life together is never going to be this supersmooth transition,” Ben continues “It’s going to have rocky edges at times, but I love coming home to her at the end of the day.”

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