Bekah M. Can’t Blame Tia For Her Elimination – Raven Gates Defends Her Friend

Bachelor season 21 runner up and Tia’s best friend Raven Gates had a lot to say about the 2 on 1 date between Tia, Bekah and Arie.

Here’s what she wrote about the drama filled episode on Bustle.

“Things got real in Tuscany… really CONFUSING that is! I don’t know about you guys, but this episode had many moments of confusion. What I do want to clear up, though, is that Tia isn’t to blame for Bekah’s Bachelor elimination.

When Arie took Tia to the side, she used her time to tell Arie that she doesn’t believe Bekah is ready for a relationship, much less marriage. I don’t think that Tia was maliciously throwing Bekah under the bus — but, needless to say, there was a bus, and there was Bekah right in front of it. Under all of the pressure from this show and situation, I don’t think Tia thought this one completely through. So, I’m not sure what happened for Tia to feel like she needed to tell Arie these things.

However, I do know Tia’s heart, and Tia is not a malicious person. I think she just had a lack of judgement. If she did feel this way about Bekah, I wish she would have spoken up sooner — because now it just looks calculated.

Watching it, I was conflicted. Had Bekah said something off camera? Was Tia trying to secure a spot on hometowns by telling Arie this information? Arie doesn’t need her to talk about the other girls, he is aware of what’s going on. He already mentioned all the time to Bekah how he was worried about her not being ready. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that. I can see how viewers might be mad at Tia, but, for what it’s worth, Tia is not calculating or malicious. I wish I could go back in time and tell Tia to focus on her relationship with Arie and not to compare other relationships… but, I cant.

After that drama, Arie gave out the first rose. It went to Kendall. But that left only one more rose to go. It was Bekah vs. Tia. I was rooting for my girl Tia, but I do really love Bekah as well. Although Bekah’s chemistry with Arie was undeniable, I think Arie couldn’t get over the fact Bekah is 22, and he has been hung up on that since the very beginning of the season. So, Tia got the rose.”

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