Becca Finally Reveals Why She Broke up With Robert Graham

It’s been 2 months since The Bachelor Nation couple Becca Tilley and Robert Graham called it quits.

Both Becca and Robert never addressed the break up rumor or talked about it on social media.. until now!

In an interview with the Ellen show’s producers, she finally reveals why they broke up.

“It wasn’t the time or it just wasn’t right, it’s kind of a boring,” Becca said when asked about the break up.

“I don’t have anything dramatic or fun to offer you … It just didn’t work.”

“But he’s awesome,” she continues. “We still are friends.”

She also chopped off her signature long waves after the break up and is currently focusing on her career as a fashion blogger.

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“It seemed like a natural next step,” she explained. “It was a way to bring all of my social media and interests into one place. It’s basically an extension of what people are already seeing. What I’m liking in fashion, beauty, travel — just more detailed! I am really focusing on the YouTube channel right now. It’s a lot of work and I am learning a lot!” she tells Life and Style.

So are we ever going to see her on The Bachelor shows again?

Becca and Robert

“I have no plans on returning,” she said. “Never say never! I’m old news to be cast as The Bachelorette… I feel like I had my time already!”

As for her Bachelorette predictions, she thinks Peter or Bryan will win Rachel’s heart in the finale.

“I like Peter and I like Bryan,” she told Life & Style. “I’ve seen the most chemistry with those two. But we are still at the beginning! I’m ready to see other relationships move forward. She is awesome!”

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