Becca Tilley & Amanda Stanton Might Join Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

Now that Bachelor Nation sweethearts Becca Tilley and Amanda Stanton are single, will we finally see them join the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 cast?

“I feel like this year, I’ve taken some time off, just to like, travel and focus on me, and focus on the kids,” Amanda reasons to

Are we going to see her on BIP this summer?

“I gave it a try, and I know that the process does work, and it worked for me, but it would be hard to go back,”  she starts.

“But I don’t want to say no for sure, because you never know. In the last two months, I’m like, ‘Maybe I could see myself going back.”

So, that’s a yes?

“Last year I didn’t talk to anybody before [Bachelor in Paradise filming] besides Nick, but I think that was a good way to go. I think you get to know everybody,” she admits.

“I’ve only seen one episode of Rachel’s season, and I’m assuming that would be the majority of the guys, so I’d be excited just to meet everybody.”

As sad as it is to see Becca and Robert call it quits, there’s no question that Bachelor in Paradise producers would want one if not both of them on Paradise this summer.

The Bachelor nation could finally see Becca find love on Paradise. After all, she was recently spotted out with Luke Pell, who is rumored to be part of the Season 4 cast.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 starts filming next month and there premiere is set for August 8. Stay tuned —  because we are going to reveal the cast next week.


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