Here’s What Becca Kufrin Said About Break Up With Jason Tartick

On this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin broke down after sending Jason Tartick home rather than spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite because she had stronger feelings for Blake and Garrett.

“What did I just do? What am I doing?” she says. “He did not see that coming. And he was so confused. Honestly, in this situation, all I can give him or anyone is an answer and I couldn’t even do that. And he’s such a good guy. I’ve dated terrible people in the past and he’s such a good person. Jason is one of the best men I know. I literally just did to him what Arie did to me.”

Here’s what she had to say about her break up with Jason.

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“I just had to follow my gut and give him the dinner to see if we could get back on track and so it was nothing that really happened,” Becca tells ET. “It was just an unexplainable moment that I felt in my heart.”

“I really started to fall in love with him, and so when I ended things so abruptly, it I just wanted to give him a reason why. I wasn’t fully able to do that. It was something I couldn’t really verbalize, and so that’s why I appreciated that he came back to the hotel and we could have that last conversation,” she adds. “But then to have tonight too, to explain things a little bit better.”

The Bachelor Nation can watch Becca and Jason’s final conversation on The Men Tell All next Monday.

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