‘Becca Did Not Have The Finale That I Had’ Rachel Lindsay Blogs

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay gives her opinion on Becca Kufrin’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette in an exclusive blog for Us Weekly.

Here’s what she had to say about the Bachelorette finale.

“Watching Becca’s finale brought about a range of emotions that I was not expecting. They say life is not fair and happy endings are never promised; and that definitely is the case in Bachelor Nation.

Listen, I am so happy for Becca and I am so happy she is getting everything that she deserves. I remember this time. I remember how happy and hard it can be. And in knowing that, I was fully prepared to defend Becca for whatever decision she made tonight. I was prepared to beg of Bachelor Nation to understand her decision in picking Garrett over Blake. I was fully prepared to tell Bachelor Nation how Becca knows her heart and she followed her gut in choosing her new fiancé. I was prepared to fight for Becca’s happy ending.

But guess what, I did not have to do that because Bachelor Nation saw all of it play out on camera. Becca not only found the man of her dreams, she got her happy ending … on camera. She was not robbed of it. And for Becca, the Bachelor franchise does believe in a happy ending.

Sure, you may be upset that Becca did not choose Blake. You may feel sorry for Blake and the fact that he was blindsided by Becca. But you are not at all confused as to why Becca chose Garrett. You saw Becca’s emotion and love for Garrett and you understood every single reason as to why she accepted Garrett’s proposal. And you saw that love reciprocated by Garrett. It all made sense. It all came together and was the true definition of a happy ending.

So, I have a question: Do you ever recall seeing Bryan profess how excited he was to propose to me? Do you recall seeing me cry about how I was so excited to say yes to Bryan and get my fairytale ending? The answer would be “no” to both of those questions. See, you know more about the journey of my breakup than the journey to my proposal acceptance. I think it is fair to say that I was denied my on-camera happy ending.

Do I sound a little pissed off? Well that is because I am. Take a trip down memory lane to exactly, oh let’s say one year ago. Becca did not sit on stage for three hours and watch the finale for the first time in front of a live audience. Becca did not have to deal with someone telling her she would live a mediocre life. Becca did not have to deal with being baited with real time questions about her emotions watching certain scenes. Nope, that was me. Let’s just be honest, Becca did not have the finale that I had. There was no controversy and she was not put in a position to face any. She was protected and I was placed on display for three hours and labeled an angry black female.

I think Becca said it best last night when she summed up her season. She stated, ‘I love the fact that people can see our love story.’ Have you heard me talk about the biggest regret from my season? I say, ‘I wish people could have seen the essence of my love story with Bryan.’ I think that pretty much says it all.”

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